These are copies of the collection of HP users' clubs' Swap Disks, which originated as CHHU Swap Disks. Please send any comments, suggestions &c to Tapani Tarvainen <>.

The directory names reflect the original volume labels, and file names are as originally except that they've been converted to lower case, an extension indicating the file type has been added (see table below) and a few HP-41 files with special characters in them have been renamed (see list below).

In addition HP-71 BASIC programs have been saved both in original, tokenized form (*.b71) and as text (*.t71), in order to allow viewing them before downloading to HP71 and possibly for use in other machines like the HP-75 (a few files couldn't be transformed, however). If any HP-75 owner would like to volunteer to do the same for HP-75 BASIC files, please let me know! (HP-41 programs could also be saved in ASCII form (listings) -- if there's enough interest I could do that. Let me know if you'd like that.)

Filename extensions:

txt HP-41 ASCII = HP-71 TEXT = HP-75 LIF1
(Note: these have been converted into MS-DOS text files with cr-lf-terminated lines. Some LIF1 files might be corrupted in this process (especially if they contain graphics data). If you find any such here, please notify Thank you.)
d41HP-41 data = HP-71 SDATA
p41 HP-41 program
k41 HP-41 key file
s41 HP-41 status file
w41 HP-41 write-all (WALL) file
r41 HP-41 ROM file (RAMBOX WRTPG file)
x41 HP-41 X-memory file (Ext IL ROM WRTXM)
c41 HP-41 "calc" file (Ext IL ROM WRTCAL)
b41 HP-41 buffer (Ext IL ROM WRTBUFX)
b71 HP-71 BASIC
t71 HP-71 BASIC transformed into text
i71 HP-71 BIN
d71 HP-71 DATA
l71 HP-71 LEX
k71 HP-71 KEY
f71 HP-71 FORTH
r71 HP-71 ROM
g71 HP-71 GRAPH
b75 HP-75 BASIC
t75 HP-75 TEXT
a75 HP-75 APPT
g75 HP-75 GRAPH
l75 HP-75 LEX
w75 HP-75 WS
r75 HP-75 ROM

Filenames changed from original swap disks:

CHHU04 CD^MS* cdtomsx.p41
CFRAME* cframex.p41
CHHU06 B2-BUF b2tobuf.p41
B2-BUFT b2tobuft.txt
CD^MS cdtoms.p41
CD^MST cdtomst.txt
SWAP09 ROM>DSK rom2dsk.p41
DSK>ROM dsk2rom.p41
H>D h2d.p41
D>H d2h.p41
AVIA 1A avia1a.r41
SWAP11 BCa/b1 bcapb1.p41
BCa/b2 bcapb2.p41